Wine words

Thought I’d start the first post in 2011 with some famous wine quotes (pictured is Bacchus, the God of wine).  “In Victory, You Deserve Champagne, In Defeat, You Need It.” Napoleon “Remember Gentlemen, it’s Not Just France We Are Fighting For, it’s Champagne!” Winston S. Churchill, 1918 When Lily Bollinger was asked “When do you… Read More Wine words

Len Evans’ Theory Of Capacity

Len Evans, a wine connoisseur, writer, judge, Australian wine embassador, promoter, etc., known as a Godfather in the wine industry. Australian born in England, passed relatively recently in 2006. Among many other things, in 1968, Mr Evans established Rothbury Estate in the Hunter Valley, and then formed the Petaluma winery with Brian Croser, later founding the Evans Wine… Read More Len Evans’ Theory Of Capacity