Fume Blanc!

From Sauvignon Blanc, this white wine grape is usually made in a different style… The name Fume Blanc was coined by Robert Mondavi in US California. Mondavi was particularly inspired by a Pouilly-Fume wine he had tasted from the Loire Valley, and as he was looking for a way to differentiate his sweet low-grade Sauvignon Blanc wines… Read More Fume Blanc!


Barbera, an Italian red variety of wine, has quite a lovely taste that goes splendid with tapas or Italian style cuisine (Creamy pastas, Pizzas, Tomato herb based dishes, Prosciutto…), as well as fatty foods such as Duck. Also grown in Australia this has turned out quite well and may improve even further. Barbera has reasonably high… Read More Barbera

Len Evans’ Theory Of Capacity

Len Evans, a wine connoisseur, writer, judge, Australian wine embassador, promoter, etc., known as a Godfather in the wine industry. Australian born in England, passed relatively recently in 2006. Among many other things, in 1968, Mr Evans established Rothbury Estate in the Hunter Valley, and then formed the Petaluma winery with Brian Croser, later founding the Evans Wine… Read More Len Evans’ Theory Of Capacity

Australia’s Upcoming Wines

Australia has worldwide fame for it’s iconic wines, but also provides a unique opportunity for even small winemakers to export their wines overseas and be successful… Team that with Aussie sunshine and terroir, and our wine drinking choices have exploded, along with sales channels and opportunities domestically and internationally. The following are some of Australia’s upcoming wines that seem to… Read More Australia’s Upcoming Wines


For those who haven’t already had it, what is Prosecco? Sounds posh, but it’s just a white wine grape variety from Italy, used mainly to make low alcohol sparkling wines. Prosecco is cheaper than champagne because of a different production method, and can be full-sparkling (“Spumante”), or just lightly sparking (“Frizzante” or “Gentile”), and very… Read More Prosecco…