Collectible/Boutique Snapshot (little gems)

This review is from a recent trade tasting in Sydney CBD, with many good wines from Australia and overseas. I love finding and keeping a lot of $20-30/bottle table wines that can also age well, but below are some other lovely gems from boutique, traditional or non-commercial wineries from this tasting worth drinking and/or collecting. This is… Read More Collectible/Boutique Snapshot (little gems)

Yarra Yering Masterclass with Paul Bridgeman

Recently, a small, intimate Yarra Yering masterclass was led by the winemaker Paul Bridgeman at Wine Ark Insiders. The back vintage line up was delicious! Paul took us through the depths behind each wine and vintage – the vintage year, winemaking methods, aims of each wine and the great stories behind the labels and origins.… Read More Yarra Yering Masterclass with Paul Bridgeman

“New Generation Hunter” Pop-Up Wine Bar in Sydney

The “New Generation Hunter Valley” is a joint venture in showcasing exquisite examples of wine up and down the coast of Australia. This involves the winemaking talents of 6 dedicated lads – David Hook (David Hook Wines), Andrew Thomas (Thomas) (pictured left), Rhys Eather (Meerea Park), Nick Paterson (Mistletoe), Mike De Iuliis (De Iuliis) and Andrew Margan (Margan). These winemakers decided to settle down in the Hunter… Read More “New Generation Hunter” Pop-Up Wine Bar in Sydney

Paxton Wines from McLaren Vale

On a recent Wine Ark tasting (, winemaker David Paxton presented his wines with witty humour and a great response. As they say, “You can never go wrong with McLaren Vale” – yet he goes further than just good wine, exporting to many countries overseas and already grabbing 5 stars from Halliday’s winery ratings.  For the greenies,… Read More Paxton Wines from McLaren Vale