Collectible/Boutique Snapshot (little gems)

This review is from a recent trade tasting in Sydney CBD, with many good wines from Australia and overseas. I love finding and keeping a lot of $20-30/bottle table wines that can also age well, but below are some other lovely gems from boutique, traditional or non-commercial wineries from this tasting worth drinking and/or collecting. This is… Read More Collectible/Boutique Snapshot (little gems)

New Zealand’s most expensive Pinot…

Founded in 1980, Martinborough Vineyard was first to plant Pinot Noir in Martinborough, New Zealand, now famous for the variety. Through amazing wines they create true reflections of the special terroir from this region. The Marie Zelie Pinot Noir is Martinborough Vineyard’s flagship wine, only produced in the most exceptional years, and the most expensive Pinot… Read More New Zealand’s most expensive Pinot…

Pikes Masterclass, with Peter Bentley

Situated in the Clare Valley, Pikes is a family owned winery, known to produce excellent Riesling. Quick note on Riesling! One of the most underrated wine varieties in Australia, it’s an aromatic white wine with a beautiful but delicate fragrance – which may include notes such as floral/blossoms, honeysuckle, citrus, green apple, lime and mineral. All on… Read More Pikes Masterclass, with Peter Bentley

Produttori del Barbaresco – New Release 2007 Vintage

Produttori del Barbaresco is a co-operative from the famous Barbaresco wine appelation in Piedmont, North-West Italy. Classed as Barbaresco Riserva DOCG (there’s also the entry level Langhe Nebbiolo DOC and a base Barbaresco DOCG), there are nine separate cru bottlings from the Barbaresco zone, produced from the finest vintages. Each wine is a distinguishing expression of its… Read More Produttori del Barbaresco – New Release 2007 Vintage

Colonial Beef Steak Club @ Chophouse

Chophouse ( and Kingsleys (  (Pacific Restaurant group) run “Colonial Beef Steak Club” dinners for their regular customers and for those who enjoy a great dinner paired with wines/fortifieds. As soon as you walk in there’s a “club” feel to it with everyone there for the same reason (appreciation of food/wine) and chatting along regardless of… Read More Colonial Beef Steak Club @ Chophouse

The Blocks at The Rocks

“Penfolds and renowned London-based designers Studio Toogood have collaborated to create an ambitious multi-sensory environment dedicated to wine and creativity called THE BLOCKS. Through art and design, THE BLOCKS encourages visitors to discover their palettes using sight, touch and smell before tasting some of the world’s greatest wines all matched to distinctive foods.”  This was… Read More The Blocks at The Rocks

Yarra Yering Masterclass with Paul Bridgeman

Recently, a small, intimate Yarra Yering masterclass was led by the winemaker Paul Bridgeman at Wine Ark Insiders. The back vintage line up was delicious! Paul took us through the depths behind each wine and vintage – the vintage year, winemaking methods, aims of each wine and the great stories behind the labels and origins.… Read More Yarra Yering Masterclass with Paul Bridgeman