Summerfield Wines

 “You see it sitting on the dining table in front of you. It is captivating, alluring, and you have been known to worship it from time to time. It nestles into your hand as though it has been crafted for you and you alone, and as you pour it into the glass and savour its aromas, you know you are going to remember this moment. As you take your first sip of the dark, velvety liquid you find yourself transcending time and space, absorbed by what took place to bring this bottle to your table… Craig Summerfield 2005

This is exactly how I feel about wine – Good wine. And Summerfield from Pyrenees is no exception ( Awarded 5 Stars from Halliday, the red wines from Summerfield all show a lifted, opulent nose combined with deep intense characters such as plum, mocha, oak and concentrated black and red fruits.

Mark Summerfield presented his wines at the Australian Museum Wine Ark tasting with an overwhelming response. Instead of following the strict rules of winemaking with chemical and pH analysis and tests, Mark is one that never attended a winemaking course and chews his grapes non-stop to determine the exact time to pick and make his wine. His technique has resulted in excellently reviewed wines, all presenting richness, elegance and luxurious balance. If I had to choose, these three wines were my top picks:

Summerfield Tradition 2008 – Shiraz (51%) Cabernet Sauvignon (23%) Merlot (18%) Cabernet Franc (8%) – lifted blueberry and violet characters combined with deep intense characters of plum, mocha, oak and concentrated black and red fruits. On the palate, all the same characters in concentration with warm spices and soft tannins, all in a long lasting finish. Drink or cellar up to 12+ years. Great value. Rrp $27. 

Summerfield Cabernet 2008 – Vibrant but lifted nose including violet, black fruits and vanillin oak with a hint of chocolate. Palate concentrated but soft and without the harshness that many cabernets below $30 have: intense plums, red fruits and black currant with deep complexity involving vanilla, spice, well integrated tannins, and a good rounded finish. Can drink or cellar up to 15 years… Great value. Rrp $27.

Summerfield Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 – Outstanding wine. Aromas of dark cherries, oak, black fruits and cocoa. Really plush palate of blackberries and mulberries with seamlessly integrated tannins and warm spices. Can drink from next year or cellar up to 15+ years. Rrp $50.


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