Metala Wines from Langhorne Creek

I’ve previously posted about Metala wines but thought I’d do so again since I’m still drinking these wines out of the cellar and reaping the benefits. Langhorne Creek in South Australia is also often a lesser mentioned area (for example compared to McLaren Vale or Coonawarra), but the area has a great history and makes some fantastic wines.

Metala Wines come in a Black label and a White label, both from Langhorne Creek (excellent for giving smooth tannin that’s not too harsh, plus plenty of plush yet bold flavour of a typical Australian red wine). Both black and white labels are great quality and value, and cellar well too… 5-7 years for the White label, and further with the Black label. All bottles are individually numbered in White and Black labels. The Black labels are only released on exceptional vintages.

You can grab some pretty good deals of the White label for less than $20. Excellent with a good steak and chips, beef stroganoff, or Czech cuisine… The more recent releases do need some air and “breathing” before thoroughly enjoying it (on opening, the wine needs contact with oxygen/air for a little while to take the edge off a reasonably young wine), but even 20 mins takes off some of the sharpness of youth.

Black Label Tasting Notes: dense and dark in colour, plenty of berry fruit notes, with spices, licorice, mint, eucalypt and subtle oak aromas on the nose. A rich and sleek palate with loads of rich, opulent, mouthfilling fruit flavours, with leather, toast and a hint of vanilla, with the oak well integrated… rrp about $50 a bottle.

White Label Tasting Notes: also dense and dark in colour, aromas of sweet herbs, red berries, ground black pepper and mint. On palate, intense plum, cherry and blackcurrant fruit with hints of eucalyptus and licorice which characterise Langhorne Creek. Full bodied and rich with dense blackberry fruit, silky tannins and a touch of minerality and pencil shavings, resulting in a rich and bright wine. rrp about $15-20 a bottle.

Or in other words there are no real differences between these wines, just a little more complexity and structure on the Black label that allows it to age further : )

Result: Great value! Both my Black and White label wines are doing really well and are delicious. Worth grabbing them especially when you see a good price.

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