A good wine site – winevaulttv.com

Recently had a good look at http://winevaulttv.com/ and found it quite useful from all their sessions/video clips which really help to discover more about wines without buying an airline ticket or paying for the best tastings/educations in town. Interesting too.

The man behind this site, Jayson Bryant, “Bored of normal retail and it’s traditional values… observed that the wine industry was stale and embarked on a personal mission to change it. Through Wine Vault TV and his use of social media he started to inform the New Zealand public about wine through the internet.

It always troubled Jayson to observe the stuffiness of the industry–conceited sommeliers, snobby shopkeepers unwilling (or unable) to educate their customers, and seemingly mystical conventions all combine to make wine seem intimidating to the uninitiated. Wine Vault TV has reinvented the concept of wine tasting in New Zealand and along the way found a new and willing audience. In addition to encouraging straightforward wine tasting, Jayson educates viewers about the effects of regional factors (soil, sun, wind) on wine flavours, and how to buy wine.”

On the right hand side you can click into different categories and there’ll be at least a few different clips discussing areas/wineries/wines etc. It is focused on NZ wines but I’ve seen a few good clips on French wines. I love NZ Pinot Noir wines such as from Central Otago, and of course they’re famous for their Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, and Chardonnay wines as well. NZ is continuing to take its reputation further in the wine industry, on an international scale, and definitely increasing in popularity in Australia sales (Oyster Bay’s Sauvignon Blanc from NZ has been the highest selling still white wine in Australia). Go to http://winevaulttv.com/ if you would like to browse a good collection of Honest internet wine reviews/episodes. Cheers!

3 thoughts on “A good wine site – winevaulttv.com

  1. MsMeanie – Thanks for reading! :)Forager – No but I'll follow it up, haha how funny, there are so many arrogant wine conoisseurs out there. I love testing whether they think a wine is corked, when in fact it's a screw cap 🙂

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