TopGear Wine Dinner @ MuMu Grill with Eurocentric wines

Again, Stewart / has done another very successful wine dinner (1st July), a TopGear Wine Dinner, at MuMu Grill, with two brand new Porsches including the new 4-seater Panamera, parked on the pavement outside for us to look at, smell the cafe au lait leather and sit in the dreamy technology (and buy if we could afford it!). Wines were all German, to complement Porsche. Included in this dinner were a few videos with Jeremy Clarkson testing and talking about different cars including Porsche of course – all very interesting, entertaining and funny. Dinner overall was memorable, and a smaller group than winewithoutbs’ stampede of people that come to the wine dinners, so it was nice and not crowded, allowing us to put all our focus into the cars 😉
Wines for the dinner were all supplied by Neville from Eurocentric wines (, who started the company just two years ago and it’s already proving a great success in many hatted restaurants across Australia. Neville has a wide range of exceptional wines that he imports from Europe across all price points – didn’t think you liked Riesling or a Chardonnay? Think again – this range of wines will prove you wrong.
Many thanks to Trivette Porche who came along to dinner and answered many of our questions, mine probably quite obtuse, although they made me feel perfectly welcome to ask anything.
Craig, head chef from MuMu Grill (, also dropped by to see that everything was well, which it was, and briefly informed us about the dishes we ate. All their meat is organic/grass fed, which makes the meat so wholesome. They know the farmers personally (which is important especially in this modern period where many don’t seem to know or care about where their food is sourced from, and also lack a deep appreciation of food). All of the dishes were cooked with great recognition for each particular meat – for example the pork cooked for 13 hours overnight in fennel and rosemary, and then other preparations before plating up, and other twice cooked/cooked overnight dishes.

All descriptions of food and wine below are personal opinions:
    First off we started with sparkling wine while admiring and jumping into the cars – Redholz Sparkling Riesling ’07. There aren’t many sparkling rieslings in Australia, but this was fantastic with a delicate sweet character and crisp, almost cidery taste. Jamon Iberico, and House baked bread and dips were tasty and fresh.

    Crab Salad with asparagus – Asparagus well cooked, Tender crab, lovely starter.
    Paired with the Willi Schaefer Dry Riesling ’08 – Sweet but elegant. This wine has low residual sugar (dry), but with elegant fruit flavours. Light in colour and clear clarity, it displays melon and crisp apple on the nose, with some stone fruit characters and a hint of almonds. On the palate, all the fruit as on the nose is retained and finishing with a mineral acid and good length, with almost a fine fizz on the finish.

    Pork Slow Roasted on an Apple Capponata – Succulent, falls apart like a perfectly cooked lamb shank.
    Paired with Schafer-Frohlich Weissburgunder ’08 (Pinot Blanc). Crisp and fruity. Light in colour and clear clarity, with aroma of hay and melons, highly perfumed with floral notes, but with a zesty acidity that twinkles the nose. On tasting, good fruity lined with elegant structure of acid that doesn’t taste tarty.
    T-Bone Tagliatta with Duck Fat Potatoes and Steamed Greens – Steak, yum, medium rare, with Olive oil and Rosemary. Duck fat potatoes – Delish! Never tasted so much ‘duck’ in them. Roast until crisp but still very soft inside – I’ve had duck fat potatoes before but this was the most I have ever tasted of the duck fat, and it had a slight sweetness to the succulent crispy potato skin. Steamed greens including zucchini, green beans and asian stir fry type greens, cooked well but crisp, with good amounts of butter and being a nutritionist I gobbled them up (butter is healthy too, but that would take another whole blog to write about that – but just quickly here’s one of the quick links: ).
    Paired with Schafer-Frohlich Spatburgunder R ’06 – This was my favourite wine if I had to choose. Pinot Noir, this wine displays many deep earthy characters, but still with “freshness” to it. On the nose, earthy, powerful oaky nose with a hint of mint. Lovely fruit flavour with slight astringency which gives good structure, with young cherries and cinnamon. Good solid length.
    Twice Cooked Duck with Poached Pear and Celeriac Puree – Loved this dish. Duck cooked perfectly, boned out then braised in own stock, and the celeriac puree was useful in separating each mouthful of duck and each sip of wine. Pear added that touch of sweetness that meshes nicely with tender meat.

    Paired with Schmitges Redwine Cuvee No.3 ’08 – Interesting wine. Tasted young and vibrant. Crimson red in colour. Aromas of blackberries, cassis and significant alcohol. On tasting, fine tannins, dark chocolate undertones and spice (similar to Christmas fruitcake), but with crisp red apples. Fresh but long finish.

    Gingerbread Sandwich Mascarpone with Rhubarb, Mandarin and Rosemary – Unique dish, looked like the most delicious sandwiches ever.
     Accompanied by dessert wine, Schloss Lieser Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr Auslese Goldcap ’08 – Quite light in colour. Sweet smell of orange blossom and honey, quite smooth with no tartiness. Also tasted of honey, with plenty of fruit and a touch of lime which rounded off the finish quite well.

Was a lovely, entertaining, unforgettable dinner. Will definitely return to MuMu grill again, try more of Eurocentric’s range of wines again, and perhaps buy a Porsche in the distant distant future! Cheers.

7 thoughts on “TopGear Wine Dinner @ MuMu Grill with Eurocentric wines

  1. Hi Sarah! Thank you so much for writing this up and i'm glad you had such a great time! I would also like to take this chance to thank Trivett Porsche in Parramatta, Neville from Eurocentric and Craig from Mumu Grill. Last but not least, all of the great people that attended the evening that made it the amazing night it was!

  2. Hi Sarah! That is so cool! My brother is a TopGear fan. He has loads of magazines here and can easily identify a car simply by taking a look at its dashboard. He'll give you the brand, the model, the year. A car-lover, definitely. Sounds like a really wonderful evening with everything nice around you 🙂

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