Yalumba Wines

Yalumba winery (www.yalumba.com), orginally from Barossa South Australia, produces great drops from cheap to high-end price range, including their reds if you’re going the cheaper price range, or a common white such as Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon. The winery itself is a great place to visit with the wine nursery and own cooperage (crafting their own oak barrels).

Some of their chepest wines start at the Y range, at $13 a bot, ranging of most mainstream varieties of wine such as well as more recently added international inclusions such as sangiovese rose and pinot grigio. Yalumba focus on producing wine with the same premium techniques as their high-end wines, but on a bigger scale, and more edgy in character, such as more fruit flavours and zestiness, and good to drink sooner, as opposed to for example deep smoky flavours and some wines that need ageing. For under $10 level, these are pretty good, eg. Viogner, Riesling, Merlot…

Moving up in $, there is definitely a change to a more elegant taste and generally more oak. One of my favourites is the Galway Vintage Shiraz – bought the mini plane-sized bottles once, and surprised how good it was, the best I’ve ever tried from one of those mini bottles. Plenty of plush fruit and spice up front, silky tannins and deeper flavours such as chocolate and aniseed, and length is long too. In normal size, it’s about $12 a bottle. Perfect with roast rosemary lamb, and other hearty meals.

Yalumba Octavius Shiraz is on the high end of their range, and absolutely stunning benchmark wine of theirs. Grapes are used from extremely old vines in the Barossa, and aged in American oak which generally gives fuller fruit flavour and warmth in red. It’s about $95 a bottle, ages really well, 10-15 years. The Yalumba Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, made from Coonawarra grapes which produce excellent structure in their wines, is also a fine wine, only made on exceptional vintages in 20 of their finest fermenting barrels. $39 a bottle.

There are also other good wines such as Yalumba Scribbler (rrp $19), Barossa and Eden Valley collection, Hand picked series, The Signature, and Menzies (rrp $42), but the aboves are my personal favourites, although I haven’t tried their entire range.

So, if you’re choosing a fruity to hearty red, or zesty to smoky white, Yalumba has the full range to suit many tastes and palettes, as well as being Australia’s most oldest family owned winery, over 160 years. “Yalumba” is aboriginal word meaning “all the land around”.

4 thoughts on “Yalumba Wines

  1. Hey Sarah,Big fan of Yalumba too, pretty hard to doubt their quality at any style or any price point really. If you're interested I did a series of mini-verticals covering their full range of premium wines back in December, the results of which I posted at:-http://australianwinejournal.blogspot.com/2009/12/yalumba.htmlIt was certainly one of the best winery tastings I've ever been a part of. Fortunately, most of the wines are still current.Cheers,Chris P

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