Metala – Great Value Red

Metala is an icon of Australian wine, winning the first ever Jimmy Watson Trophy in 1962. Standing the test of time with its timeless label and exceptional quality, it answers today’s pretenders with knowing authority – every single vintage.

Metala Wines come in a Black label (around $50 a bot, around same release price as Penfolds Bin 389, another iconic Aus wine) and White label (around $20 a bot). Both from Langhorne Creek, South Australia, which is excellent for giving smooth tannin that’s not too harsh, plus plenty of plush yet bold flavour of a typical Australian red wine – A blend of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. Both black and white labels are excellent and good value, and cellar well too – 5-7 years at the best time for White label, but can do further especially in Black label. All bottles are individually numbered in White and Black labels.

Vintage Cellars stores currently have a sale of 2 Metala White label bottles of wines for $22. Excellent with a good steak and chips, beef stroganoff, or Czech cuisine, or by itself to warm you up well in winter 🙂 The more recent releases that are currently sold in stores/restaurants do need some air and “breathing” before thoroughly enjoying it (as in when you open the bottle, the wine needs contact with oxygen/air for a little while to take the edge off a reasonably young wine), but even 20 mins takes off some of the sharpness – it is a big flavoured wine.

Great value! Both my Black and White label wines are doing really well and are delish! The Black labels are only released on exceptional vintages. Cheers!

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