Fume Blanc!

From Sauvignon Blanc, this white wine grape is usually made in a different style… The name Fume Blanc was coined by Robert Mondavi in US California. Mondavi was particularly inspired by a Pouilly-Fume wine he had tasted from the Loire Valley, and as he was looking for a way to differentiate his sweet low-grade Sauvignon Blanc wines of the time, the different tasting/same grape Fume Blanc emerged.

Fume Blanc tends to have more elegance on the palette as opposed to Sauvignon Blanc’s cheerful generally sweet stone fruit flavours, and crisp acidity. Fume blanc tends to have more herbal tones, grassyness, with crisp slightly savoury green apple flavours and gooseberry – more tarty fruit flavours as opposed to sweeter fruits, plus olive, and a soft, smoky flavor. They can be anything from sweet to dry, but are typically very light.

Like Sauvignon Blanc, these should generally also be drunk whilst young and fresh. Also great with seafood and creamy dishes, pastas, prawn risottos, buttered scallops etc. Worth a try! Even for Chardonnay drinkers. Cheers.

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