Barbera, an Italian red variety of wine, has quite a lovely taste that goes splendid with tapas or Italian style cuisine (Creamy pastas, Pizzas, Tomato herb based dishes, Prosciutto…), as well as fatty foods such as Duck. Also grown in Australia this has turned out quite well and may improve even further.

Barbera has reasonably high amount of acid in the fruit and therefore taste, making it excellent to go with Duck and Orange sauce, without being overpowered by the orange sauce for example. It has less tannin than big red wines, but can get a beautiful oakiness from barrel fermentation, resulting in nice acid, fruit and underlying oak which can also give some smokiness and/or vanilla tones. Kind of like, spicy but luxurious in taste.

It’s a good varietal to try and is not as well known in Australia such as Sangiovese red wine. In fact it may also be dismissed from being a good wine, due to it being too acidic and “cheap”, but with good winemaking and oak fermentation in Australia this can be an Excellent wine. The grape is naturally acidic, and this can be a great feature, especially if it has some oak or tannins (from oak fermentation) to balance it out.

The one I tried recently was mentioned before from the Southern Highlands, Centennial Vineyards, and it was quite enjoyable and could be seen to go splendid with some foods. I was surprised at how it turned out considering the cool climate, as it also grows well in warmer climates.

Will be trying more barbera wines for sure.

One thought on “Barbera

  1. OK Barbera. Need to keep that in mind next time I make up an Italian meal. That will probably be very soon considering I LOVE Italian food; I bet I'll enjoy this Italian wine too.

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