Rockpool Bar and Grill, Sydney

4 of us had Dinner @ Rockpool Bar and Grill (Sydney) last weekend ( Service was great, attentive, warm and knowledgeable. High ceilings and architecture were a major plus. Food was Good, up to expectations of a Neil Perry restaurant, and really liked the Extensive and Clear menu with Plenty of Interesting Options. Also genorously received more than enough complimentary dishes/meals which filled us way more than we were expecting. Would also like to come here next time just for dessert…

Started w Drinks in the bar – really enjoyed the ambience and dark decor, although took a little while to receive drinks we ordered.
The bottle of red wine we ordered for Dinner was 2005 Drouhin-Laroze ‘Les Craipillot’ (Gevrey-Chambertin 1er Cru), $194 a bottle, apparantly one of the least marked-up-in-price wines in the restaurant, and was a spectacular wine. I thoroughly enjoyed it, for it’s length and elegant, very refined, but not tight (due to some age of 5 years?) structure. Some fruit and a touch of spice although mainly oak driven on palette. Although, in the end, the bold blousiness of Australian Red wine from South Australia is always going to have a stronger place in my heart – But of course every country has it’s great unique style of winemaking.
To start, a mixed platter of cold meats such as Prosciutto, Wagyu and Chorizo- tried a few unique things, and quite liked it. Came with Pickled vegies (carrot, cauliflower etc) which I loved – Tasty and very crunchy.
Had the Blue Eye fish for my main. Came with a lovely herb/red onion salad that complimented perfectly. Was a very small serving but I have a big appetite and there was plenty of food overall. Also this small serving surprisingly had some filling capacity as it was a thick, fleshy meat.

Barramundi Fillet. Also came with Herb Salad. 
Mushy Peas with slow cooked egg – I enjoyed this combination, and it has a noticeable amount of spice.
Warm Salad of Wood Fire Grilled Quail with Smoked Tomato and Black Olive – Stunning. Loved it.

Wood Fire Grilled Pork Sausages with Grilled Peppers and Soft White Polenta.
Seared King Prawns with Goats Cheese Tortellini, Burnt Butter, Pine Nuts and Raisins.
House Chopped Salad – Good basic salad. Sweet style dressing.
Potato and Cabbage Gratin – Looked attractive for a potato/cabbage dish. Tasty cheese layer.

Pavlova was good, but could do with some more fresh fruit as I found it too sweet and needed more refreshment after a large meal, although perhaps they steered away from this so as not to be ‘typical’.. After dessert, came encrusted nuts and some fancy marshmallows.
In the end, was pleased with the restaurant – extensive wine list, food, attentive service, and the knowlegde of the waitpersons and sommeliers was impressive. But as I said I would like to come here just for a dessert session next time, you can do that 🙂

4 thoughts on “Rockpool Bar and Grill, Sydney

  1. I nearly fainted when I saw the pavlova. I love pavlova, the creamy-coloured crust of the meringue with pillows clouds of cream and the dollop of passionfruit was enough to make my jaw drop to the floor. I agree with you about the fruit. It needs more strawberries and blueberries.

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