Nostos Greek Restaurant, Leichhardt

Had dinner @ Nostos last night in Norton St, Leichhardt ( due to reviews I heard, and was thoroughly impressed! Great Greek Food, Great but not annoying service, Pleasantly Surprising Enough Complimentary Dishes, and Fantastic Value.

The place itself looks small but nice at first with a little corner for Greek bands to play at certain nights (which I’m glad not to have last night as I was seated close enough to it, and enjoyed being able to chat) but there was much more Space upstairs and out the back with a courtyard too. I like the place in that it has a lot of smaller, more intimate, segments.

I had the Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir by the glass which was good and not too young, but you can byo too.
First up we had complimentary Olives, Sundried Tomatoes/Chillies, Olive Paste, Olive Oil/Balsamic Vinegar, with lightly toasted bread. Olive Oil was good quality, and it all tasted nice and fresh.

Then we had another complimentary dish from the restaurant owner, Haloumi and  Grilled Mushrooms – Haloumi was fantastic, not very salty and great texture, and the caramelized Balsamic vinegar and a bit of oil on the plate was perfect w the Haloumi.

Then our entree came out, BBQ Octopus in Lemon, Olive Oil and Oregano. Stunning! Luscious and chewy texture with enough crispyness on the edges of the tentacles 🙂 And really tasty shredded cooked onion (I think) tossed through the octopus.
For mains, the Peeled Prawns in Garlic & Lemon Sauce w hint of chilli, on top of a small amount of rice cooked tender ans soaked up the remaining garlic lemon sauce. Again, luscious, good flavour, and great texture. And the Moussaka w Eggplant, Beef mince, Potato and Bechamel Sauce – good hearty flavour and mouthfeel, good size too. Perhaps a little too much potato. Always accompanying the mains were the Lemon Garlic Potatoes and Green Beans with Dill (potatoes could have been a bit more on the crispy side instead of soft, to contrast w the flavoursome and sometimes oily food, but hey I aint complaining!).
Then we had Dessert – Photo is already messed up by me already starting to eat it, but it was delicious!! Ice Cream, Glace Cherries in Dark Chocolate Sauce, Black Nuts and Turkish Delight prisms. Ice Cream was Unique Flavour, Fig and something else with nuts and other crunchy bits. Glace Cherries and Dark Choc Sauce was beautiful and went perfectly with the unique fig ice cream. Black nuts were good, couldn’t figure out what it was at first. And Turkish Delight I just love.
When the Bill came out I was pleasantly surprised while having a very full and happy belly! The people of the restaurant were really lovely, attentive and warm – along with fresh wholesome quality Greek food and great value. Definitely coming back here. Everyone else’s meals looked good too… Cheers.

5 thoughts on “Nostos Greek Restaurant, Leichhardt

  1. i'm so glad you enjoyed the food. Nostos is definitely one of my favourite if not THE favourite greek restaurant in Sydney I've been to besides Perama which is more a contemporary styled restaurant. and it's funny how it's in Leichhardt surrounded by all the Italians hehe. i had the banquet last time but i'd been keen to try certain dishes now like that bbq octopus which sounds great. here's a link to the dishes i had as part of the banquet menu if you're interested to check out 🙂

  2. Angie & Phuoc'n, yum yum it'll be worth it I promise. Simon – Thanks for comments and link, and the search box I've moved – still a blogger beginner! Ur Nostos pics look great!! Much more pro than mine 🙂

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