Rockford Basket Press Shiraz

Rockford’s Basket Press Shiraz, 2006, Barossa Valley:

Had this at dinner @ Sean’s Kitchen ( on Tuesday. chose this Rockford Shiraz and I got to say it is honestly One of the Best Shiraz wines I’ve tried! Absolutely delicious velvety flavour, plush plums, soft but significant tannin. Length was spectacular. I would have guessed this wine to be slightly older in age but I guess the well-rounded body comes from the Barossa old vines. Delish!!

Before dinner I also tried an 06 Shiraz which was too young and underdeveloped; the “sommelier’s choice” Riesling which was very aromatic and sweet; and an 08 Amisfield Rose from Central Otago (NZ) which I was impressed by as I hadn’t really enjoyed Rose wines – it had good body and aroma and sat very nicely in the mouth, however I’d still stick with my red wines.

Regarding the restaurant itself there was a funky lounge area with big leather chairs w armrests printed/painted with high contrast colourful art, a little like Ed Hardy’s style of vintage colourful tattoo style clothing. Food was good, reasonably priced. Started w Crab leg w Melted butter and Lemon, only about $12 and tasty moderate sized starter (which I refused to have a white wine with, as the Rockford Shiraz was So delish! and in my opinion the butter can help to separate the light taste of crab w shiraz anyway). Main was Pork w Pear, celeriac mash (or something similar) and Jus – Pork was cooked well and hadn’t lost any moisture. Sides were Almond Butter Broccolini (cooked well, crisp) and Duck Fat chips (couldn’t notice the duck fat, but chips were ok). Dessert was their Cheese selection w Truffle Honey, Walnut Quince, Raisin/nut type thinly sliced toast and crackersI really enjoyed the aged Goat’s cheese, and Truffle Honey which I hadn’t tried before! I got to see how to make Truffle Honey as the deep fungi-type flavour from the truffle went splendid with any cheese.

Anyway back to Rockford Shiraz – Somehow I’ve missed trying this wine before, but Rockford is definitely a bechmark of Australian Shiraz and red wine in itself. Very high quality, traditional, boutique-style wine from what tastes like some of the best old-age vines that Barossa has to offer (which is a lot!). It doesn’t seem like you can see any website from them, and it seems like contacting Rockford is on a very exclusive basis – if you want to buy their wines eg online, you have to contact someone else to contact Rockford. Anyway, very lovely Shiraz that I tried. One of those wines that bring an “experience” with tasting it…


9 thoughts on “Rockford Basket Press Shiraz

  1. Sometimes I'm reminded of the pleasantries of living in Adelaide, such as how much easier it is to get Rockford's Basket Press than anywhere else in Oz! ;)Rockford used to have a website which comprised of a single black and white page that said something along the lines of:- 'Here at Rockford we believe in the real, not the virtual, therefore, if you want to find any information about or taste our wines, you can come visit us at our cellar door at Krondorf Road, Tanunda, South Australia'. Or something along those lines it said. I notice it's gone now though.I think that pretty much sums up Rockford pretty well!Cheers,Chris P

  2. I have seen Rockford Basket Press in my local Dan Murphy's and local Vintage cellars! Pity its well over 100% mark-up from cellar door price of $50!The Amisfield Rose was amazing but Rockford also do one of Australia's best Rose's in their Alicante Bouche. It is about $18 a bottle and available to ordered off their mailing list.

  3. Absolutely love the Basket Press. We were lucky enough to do a vertical this past Saturday that included 98/00/01/02/04. A stunning vineyard with an excellent product .. we were also lucky enough to visit it in 2007 during a trip down under (we are in Canada), very difficult to get any of the wine here but we have managed to source some over the past few years !! Cheers

  4. I think the Rockford shiraz is definitely up there as one of the best, not too big, not too small, and often as good as Grange at fraction of price. Wendouree alos make some very nice wines. Yep, Rockford & Wendouree are my biggest SA collection. Have you tried Wendouree?

    1. Yeah I agree Paul, that Rockford is definitely up there. Exquisite! So dense with flavour and complexity. I Actually Haven’t tried Wendouree straight Shiraz yet as much as I work with it! Kept missing the tastings but I know it’s good stuff. Shiraz is also my biggest part of my collection – over 90% of it, from table quaffers to Grange.

      1. if you haven’t yet, you might next find the intrigue of Pinot!
        as they say, all roads lead to Burgundy…..
        but finding that perfect Pinot is not so easy!

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