For those who haven’t already had it, what is Prosecco? Sounds posh, but it’s just a white wine grape variety from Italy, used mainly to make low alcohol sparkling wines. Prosecco is cheaper than champagne because of a different production method, and can be full-sparkling (“Spumante”), or just lightly sparking (“Frizzante” or “Gentile”), and very sweet (up to 15g of residual sugar (grams of sugar per 1 litre of alcohol) = “Brut”, to less sweet (“Dry” and “Extra Dry”).
Australian sparkling wines are definitely increasing in popularity, and prosecco is a wine that fits perfectly into this market, although there aren’t many Australian prosecco growers at this point in time as Australia only in recent years started to grow it. I think when production increases, it will become a “big thing” in the Aussie wine market. At the moment you can only mainly find imported prosecco wine.

Prosecco is actually a great wine for younger drinkers that find red wines too heavy, and/or just feel like something light and refreshing. And because it’s a light wine, it’s perfect on its own or with food such as delicate seafood dishes or an antipasto platter. Can be mixed with juice or add strawberries like champagne. Serve chilled…

7 thoughts on “Prosecco…

  1. Hmmm.. I think I've heard of the name before but it sounds like my type of wine. I'm not a big wine drinker but I would like to appreciate it one day.. What a great little blog you have here – educating us noobs 🙂 I think I saw you once; my friend won the lucky door prize of Aja wines at the "Jenius" book launch. 🙂

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