Duck Fest 2010 Dinner @ Mumu Grill

Well well, I love Duck, and MuMu Grill in St Leonards held a 7-course Dinner last night (Wed, 24th March), all of Duck, including the dessert. 160 people, all there for the same reason, the love of food!
Wines were paired with each course of Duck, starting with Pinot Noirs then Cab Sauvignons, and a Pink Muscato with dessert.
Duck Consomme – The first thing up when we were seated after the Pate on arrival. Smelt beautifully of Duck! And the taste was of a good meaty consomme.
After finishing that we started with our first wine, Little Yering Pinot Noir, 2008. Lovely wine, not too young to drink, lots of aroma and fruit on the nose. With a delicate light spice on the palate which just twinkled your tongue a little!
Soon to be eaten with the wine we were served the Duck Breast w Deconstructed XO – Although small, this was one of my favourites, and packed a powerful mouthful of crispy duck, duck belly (I think) and scallop, with a mellow chilli sauce and garlic. Honestly it reminded me of some fast food crispy chicken because it was moreish, but really really good!
Next up, the Duck Sang Choi Bow “Flash Fried Duck Leg w Kim Chi and Oyster in Lettuce Leaf” I really enjoyed and the Sang Choi Bow of duck was very moist. Honestly I would have been happy without the chilli-tang, mushroom and orange sauce, but it did go well with the oysters.
With this stage we had the Bass Straight Pinot Noir, 2008, which I also thoroughly enjoyed. It was slightly darker in colour than the previous Pinot, and more deep especially in cedary/wood tones. Surprisingly fruity on the palate, as I couldn’t smell much fruit on the nose, along with good spice and a thinner clear edge on the rim to the previous.
Next up, Twice Cooked Duck w Bok Choy and Cooked Pear. This was my favourite, as it was simply big solid chunks of duck that fell apart at the touch of a feather – perfectly cooked, and at first I thought the Pear wasn’t that great with the duck but as soon as the Bok Choy came in it suddenly pulled it together. These Baby Pears were nice though.

Le Wine with this was the Parker Estate 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon. This was a big guy, packing oak and lots of herbal notes but mainly mint on the nose, a little raspberry, and plush plums. On the tongue, a cooler palate, black pepper and refined structure at 7 years old, Fruit very first on the palate, then quickly oaky tones took over, then you could feel the heat of the alcohol, then some silky smooth tannin, and finally a slight acidity that lingers at the back of the tongue. I loved this wine!

Now, finally in the savoury department we had the “Turducken!”, looked a little wierd,
Turkey Stuffed with a Duck Stuffed with a Guinea Fowl. Thick layers of Duck and Turkey, and smaller meaty bits of Guinea Fowl. To be honest I couldn’t tell what was the Guinea Fowl and what was the duck, but it tasted scrumptious especially with the addition of pesto that was great. Turkey was cooked well, but just a tad bland compared to the dense flavour of the Duck/Guinea Fowl. Went well with Rocket lettuce, Figs and Potatoes.
Wine with this, was the Ada River 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon. Had a little less fruit on the nose, but equally as powerful, with a distinctive clear rim and great body/length on the palate. Loved the age and smooth oak.
Finally Dessert! Was Duck Egg Caramel w Pineapple, Mint and Papaya. The caramel was intensely sweet. I preferred the fruit part separately, and had it first to freshen my palate, before sipping the rest of the custard. I thought the caramel syrup on top of the creme caramel part was too much especially compared with the soft papaya, but all in all not bad. The Innocent Bystander Pink Muscato came along with dessert – lightly sparkling, sweet, and got better with the caramel – the fizz with the sweet wine just went really nicely with the super dense, heavy caramel. I couldn’t have tasted that the egg used in it was Duck, but it was delicious.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this dinner at MuMu, and thought it was good value for a set dinner night. One of the chefs from Melbourne who put on this dinner with Craig, Ben Cooper, came to our table to chat and was an interesting person to meet – he’s continuing Duck Fest in Melbourne (I think). Craig, the head chef at MuMu (, also came up and seemed quite calm for just cooking up 7 meals for 160 people! Tim Elwin, the managing director from Urban Food Market ( also came up and we chatted about his work – he provided all the fresh Duck for this event, and will for the upcoming ones too. All his meat is of exceptional quality, including grassfed wagyu and biodynamic meats, at a good price too! So, Next up is Lamb Fest @ Coast Restaurant, Darling Harbour, and by the feel from this one, I’m definitely grabbing myself a ticket!

4 thoughts on “Duck Fest 2010 Dinner @ Mumu Grill

  1. Simon – haha so many duck dishes, too little time to stuff them all into a nightPeachKins – Thanks it was delicious Go the chef! MsMeanie – Wat! Your in-house food photos are way better than all of mine! hehe ^.^

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