Wine Gadgets!

WINE GADGETS – You Probably Already Know But I Had to Note It…

DripStop – I love these cheap little foil circles! They stop any wine drips really effectively, and are reuseable/reuseable. I got a bunch of DripStops from Penfolds and I’ve had them for years!

Gravity Wine Bottle Holders – I know so simple, but love this design.
(Image from:
WINE FRIDGES – I think these just look so cool as well as it’s functionality. Silent, Sleek, and Full O Booze! (Good Booze)… The good ones can be very high priced (from a few $1,000 up to $10,000), but if collecting wine, it can be worth it (who knows how wine will be with “climate change” 😉 ), and they do look gorgeous as well. I definitely will consider getting one, especially if I live in Saudi Arabia or live in an apartment that may get hot in Aus weather.
Men buy cars, Women shop, I buy wine fridge.
<– Fendi Leather outer, Wine Fridge (thank God it doesn't have the fashion logo print!)
Glass Wine Stoper, With Hidden CorkScrew – Funky, slightly elegant style, these also double up with a cork screw in case you need it! (I’d usually use a normal more stable cork screw if I have one around). From Out Of The Blue Design Studio.
Wine Cooler with Champagne Flute Holders (From – great for Champers and Croquet/Picnic.

And Wine Bottle Cooler – Like this stainless steel design, just looks like it’s coming out of the table saying, “Here I am Just For You! Please Drink Me!”(From

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