Dee Bees, Double Bay

Been to Dee Bees quite a few times in the past as it’s nearby, and last there on the weekend. The owners/managers are lovely guys, and very attentive. I got to admit once I was offended by an ignorant waitress and therefore didn’t return for a while (until last weekend), but she was fired anyway and the restaurant was really apologetic about her behaviour. Modern Australian type food, has always turned out well and filled me up. Ambience is clean and nice, not too bright or dim lit either. The walls are covered with celebrites’ signatures on photos and interesting pictures with Dee Bees’ owner Graeme (the tall guy). A typical Double-Bay-type place to be at, but the owners of DB’s aren’t pretentious.

On the wkend for Dinner, had the Fish and Mash Potato – good. Fish was cooked well, without any moisture loss, and came in a decent portion. Mashed potato had plenty of butter, and cheese I’m guessing – was very good mashed spud. Also had steamed vegies and a glass of red wine. The time before that I had Lamb Cutlets with Sweet Potato mash and Green Beans last time, was good too.

It can be little annoying if it’s crowded, also because there’s often people waiting to sit down too, but during the week it’s very spacious and you can enjoy your quiet time with the same quality dining (as some restaurants and waiters tend to slack off during quiter times or weekdays). All in all, a good place to have a casual but nice catch up and meal, coffee, or workday lunch on your own…

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