EastBank, Circular Quay

EastBank, Cafe/Bar/Pizzeria, Circular Quay (http://www.eastbank.com.au/)

Dined here last night – Enjoyed this restaurant. I had Duck Breast with Baby figs and Red Wine Jus. Others had a Steak and a Pasta. Duck was cooked well, although a tiny bit too well as it could have been softer, but still with tenderness, placed on top of Green beans and Mushrooms. To be honest I thought little onions soaked in the jus would have been better than the baby figs – the figs were from dried, and the soft but very grainy texture to me just interrupted the Duck; the sweet red wine jus was enough to perfectly complement.

We also had the Rocket Salad/Pear/Parmesan side which went perfectly well with my duck and the jus. And the Rocket also went very well just with the jus when I had finished eating the duck. The rest of the menu also looked good, including a good range of pizzas and pastas.

Wine list was good, international and domestic, although a little overpriced – the wines themselves were good, but some were a little young, and for those I would have taken a dollar off per by-the-glass price. But you do also pay for fine dining with the fresh air, city lights, and spacious surroundings by the water of Circular Quay – and it is worth it, especially since most city restaurants are significantly priced. First of all, I tried the Pinot Noir, to start with something light on an empty stomach – Moorooduc Estate, Mornington Peninsula (’08), was quite nice. Second wine I tried was a Cab Sauv from Coonawarra, from Vinaceous “Raconteur” and I was interested in how soft it was, especially being a younger year (’07), and I would have guessed it was a full bodied Merlot. Third wine I tried was the Cabernet Shiraz blend, from Brothers in Arms “No.6”, Langhorne Creek, South Australia – I liked it as it was the oldest out of the wines by the glass (’05) – Good depth, body, smooth tannins and a good weighted finish.
The service was okay. There were a few waitpersons from overseas that had a little trouble understanding my certain requests, but overall they were nice and helpful. I loved being by the water and ferry docks. The ambience was quite peaceful but visually stimulating, and with the good quality food it wasn’t a rip off like some Sydney restaurants can be. Will be returning sometime 🙂

4 thoughts on “EastBank, Circular Quay

  1. Duck and fig, you say? I don't think I've come across that combo before, and am curious as to how it would taste, though from your comments I suspect it may not be the best accompaniment. All looks very rich and warming 🙂

  2. Christian – Thanks for comingConor – Yes Duck and Fig was a little flat but I bet there's a way it would go together, like Fig and Citrus juice?…Barbara – Oh glad you enjoyed Australia. And Keep baking your cooking looks fantastic.

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