MDV (Michael Datta Vineyards) Handcrafted Wines

This is a friend’s latest post, from (bs stands for bull sh*t), and I would like to try this wine, especially as I’m not familiar with many good rieslings. I’m meeting with Michael Datta this month who owns MDV, and will add to this post about any more info I can get! <- Apparantly MDV also have award winning Shiraz and a Grenache from SA’s Barossa/Eden Valley. Would like to try them soon.
MDV – 2008 Eden Valley Riesling “This hand-crafted, boutique Riesling comes from some of the oldest vines in this country (up to 110 years old!) and the grapes are personally selected by wine maker, Michael Datta. Its colour in the glass is almost clear with just a hint of the overused “pale straw” colour reference (I wonder if in a thesaurus under pale straw you’ll find “white wine”?). It has a minerality to the aroma and the flavour is loaded with citrus and acidity. It is very clean and crisp and given the palette cleansing nature of this wine it requires some light but oily food to truly bring out its best. The most obvious example would be some nice white fish.
MDV Wines – 2008 Eden Valley Riesling Price – $25 at
Region – Your guess is as good as mine but I am tipping Eden Valley – South Australia
Recommended – Yes, but if drinking now ensure to enjoy with food. Otherwise it will cellar for a few more years and mellow out to become a great aged Riesling for future enjoyment!”

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