Emmilou Tapas

<–Wagyu Beef w Almond Cream and Salsa Verde.

Dined last night at Emmilou tapas restaurant/bar, 413 Bourke st, Surry Hills. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Service was good and staff were attentive but not in your face. Ambience was good too with dim lighting, and inside and outside sheltered dining with cushions. They also have a couple of old fashioned couch/chairs to just have drinks up at the back. Here’s what I ate – 3 larger tapas dishes and a side between two ppl, filled us both up and every bite was delicious…:

Goat Sausage w Red Cabbage Jam… Lovely and tender. Meshed very well with the Red Cabbage jam and some special glaze they had (forgot to take a photo as I hopped into it).

Antipasto… Salami, Roasted Tomatoes, Sheeps milk feta, Marinated Eggplant, with toasted bread. Nice, fresh, all components went well with the feta.

Wagyu Beef w Almond cream and Green Salsa… Looked a little funky but I really enjoyed this. The wagyu beef wasn’t as fatty as I was expecting, but still very tender, and melded very well with the almond cream and green spinach salsa. The almond cream was delicate, but had even more flavour when eaten with the beef. This dish was the most moreish!

Side – Spinach Salad with Shaved Fennel and Orange Vinaigrette… I was surprised how good this simple side dish was, and I really enjoyed it with the Wagyu beef for the leftover sauce or to mop up any extra!

Wine list is good (though hard to read with the fancy pearly paper, but they’re changing it). Could do with a couple more by the glass such as a Shiraz Grenache, or a GSM Barossa blend by the glass, since GSM does have that delicate (although still medium bodied and full tannin) nature that would go with a lot of tapas dishes, and as an increasingly popular Aus wine should therefore be offered by the glass for someone to “try” if they’re not sure about GSMs. Although they did have a lot of overseas wines, which was good, and some equate to the GSM or Shiraz Grenache. And they had some very nice wines by the bottle. Waitress was helpful in her knowledge of the winelist. I tried an Italian red from overseas, somewhat similar to a Tempranillo but with more open fruit and body, and my partner had a 2004 Spanish Tempranillo which I liked too, with a more cooler climate type of palate, good silk tannin and tight mulberry type flavour.
Overall I rate this restaurant well! At about $15-$30 per larger tapas dish, it could be a little expensive, depending on what you order, but it’s a good restaurant and you taste why…


2 thoughts on “Emmilou Tapas

  1. Great food but the company I had when I went was pretty average…My comment would be that while the food was tasty, it was certainly overpriced and not great value for money. Probably not the place to go if you are overly hungry.having said that it was delicious!that flying squirrel place in bondi is probably better though

  2. Thankyou for your input "Christian", I appreciate it. Although Flying Squirrel is nice, I felt anorexic whoever last took me there, the portions were SO small at $12 each. Having said that, if I was anorexic, it would be a lovely meal.

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