Victoria Room

This Bar/Restaurant in Victoria St is busy but when you can get one of their old fashioned lounges to sit on, or just go straight to the restaurant and order something to eat, it’s great with friends. Wine list at the bar is reasonable and I’m fine with their wines I’ve tried. The restaurant is a bit expensive, even just for a plate of ham and marinated eggplant to pick at, but people pay for the place as well as the nice food. I haven’t had high tea there yet but I enjoyed high tea in Hong Kong so much I’m not really trying to try it. It does get a bit crammed and hot (the fans above don’t seem to do anything!). I think I would rather go during a weeknight such as Wednesday.

2 thoughts on “Victoria Room

  1. i totally agree this place gets soo tight and squashy i went for high tea once and while the decor is amazingly beautiful the food i had was not that great and the service was a let down (they came to take our tea pots away when we could've gotten them topped up..!)my fav high tea venue would be the qvb tea room now thats a way to spoil yourself on a weekend afternoon :O)

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