Braza Leichardt

LOVE IT! All-you-can-eat Carnivore style, Fresh meats of at least 15 different kinds and you see them right in front of you rubbed with salt and herbs, then slow roasted. Yes there are other Brazilian steak places but these guys are truly authentic and know exactly what’s in everything they make such as marinades etc, and I am loyal to them. My family is too. The actual ambience is definitely not the main focus but its teracotta flooring and nice walls are plain and simple, which is not bad as it’s clean and everyone knows how good the food is. You can even just have the Express Lunch buffet, $28, and they just keep comin’ around if you want seconds/thirds/fourths, as well as providing some nice vegies, salads and potatoes in the middle of the table (careful they’re quite filling!). I wouldn’t go for the well cooked parts on the meat skewer, as it may be too salty, but pick out the medium-rare bits and they’re great. Because of the ambience I prefer this place in day/lunchtime and I think I find it too crowded some nights. Also, I enjoy their wine list! Good selection of International Spanish/Italian/other wines.

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