Tetsuya’s, Sydney

   Very fine Japanese restaurant with a fantastic how-can-you-pick wine list. The last time I went was a while ago now, but of course it’s a great restaurant and still remember it as it took about 4 hours until I finished eating. Though sometimes the tiny morsels of food that came out one by one can feel like taking a long time, especially while drinking a fine wine at a faster pace. They food is absolutely delicious, but I wanted all those little morsels on a huge plate all at once, so I can slowly pick at them as I please in whatever order I want while my eyes feast at all the colours and textures on my plate – although I know that is the fine degustation style it’s meant to be. I had roast scampi (only ever eaten scampi here and at Iceberg’s restaurant), oysters drizzled with their famous Testsuya’s sauce, sashimi (of course) also drizzled with some special oil/vinegar, and duck slices with ginger, among other things. Very high priced, was great the times I’ve went but as a constant I’d personally rather have 4 dinners at 4 other restaurants for a good feed. Of course though, Tetsuya’s have definitely got their high-end dining right, to the tiniest detail.

2 thoughts on “Tetsuya’s, Sydney

  1. Yes Simon you're right I definitely remember the oysters! And I did buy the dressing (surprised it wasn't more expensive). Also though I'm guessing you've done it, but the Fish Markets on a Saturday morning is EXCELLENT!! So fresh of course, and at great prices.

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